Garage Floor System

Garage Floor System is an alternative to a traditional concrete block and beam garage floor. When combined with a Structural Board Thermal Floor the house and garage floor can be designed and supplied as one item.

The system is engineered to provide the required performance and combines pre-stressed concrete beams, EPS panels, A142 steel mesh and structural concrete topping.

         Key Benefits

  • Patent Pending
  • Easy, fast installation
  • Beam centres are the same as traditional beam and block
  • Bewi provides whole floor design + supply of house and garage floor
  • Reduced H&S Risks
  • Lightweight EPS panels reduce back and hand injuries
  • No requirement for a wet disc cutter
  • No 360° winch required
  • No fork lift trucks needed to move the EPS panels

Product specification

Specification of Concrete Topping and Steel Mesh Reinforcement

The minimum depth of the concrete topping above the services is 75mm.  One layer of A142 steel mesh reinforcement to be placed at mid height of the concrete slab.

Thermal Performance

Although it is not a regulatory requirement, BEWI Garage Floor System offers an improved thermal performance when compared with a traditional, uninsulated concrete block and beam floor.