Fillet tray

Durable and easy to clean trays

Our fillet trays can be recycled. It's a sustainable solution.

Designed to be used primarily for fish fillets and to perform in intense working conditions like the fish industry. The durable high-impact trays have solid strength and stability. They do not shatter or splinter and damage the fillets (or other products).

The fillet trays are easy to clean, can be disinfected with water or steam, and prevent the growth of bacteria. They are also resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion and UV light.

Our fillet trays can be recycled. It’s a sustainable solution.

Food approved. Other colours are available on request.




Other colours on request

Food friendly

All treys are food approved


Made to last for heavy-duty use


Designed for the fish industry

Variations - Fillet tray

Fillet tray 5 L 7002 Fillet trays (rugged design)
Fillet tray 7 L 7005 Fillet trays (rugged design)


Art. no. Product name Stock/Request Ext. dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Material Pcs. per pallet
7002Fillet tray 5 lRequest34 x 30 x 0.80.53 kgLLDPE300
7005Fillet tray 7 lStock50 x 30 x 0.80.81 kgLLDPE300

All treys are food approved. Other colours on request.

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