CIRCULUM® Recycled grades

Although the quality of our EPS is high, the day eventually comes when it become waste. That’s where our closed-loop system Recycled Inside comes in, allowing us to take responsibility for our products.

All our divisions work together to collect EPS waste from construction sites and discarded packaging from industries and grocery stores. We then compress the EPS and process it in our extruder, before it goes back in the production line, and the properties of Recycled Inside equal those of virgin EPS. This system offers you the possibility to reduce your climate footprint together with us. The Recycled Inside EPS can be used in varying grades in EPS for packaging and insulation, from a few percent to 100 %. We’re actively seeking partnerships with the shared goal to establish closed-loop systems for a circular economy.

Product Flame retardant Block Moulding Insulation performance Bead size range (mm) Usual bulk density range (kg/m3) Typical applications Technical Information
Recycled grades
RE-510e/p close close add 0.9-1.5 10-30 The production of light and heavy insulation board by block or shape moulding. Download download
RE-710e/p close add 0.7-1.1 15-40 The production of thick-walled shape-moulded products as well as heavy insulation board or hot wire cut shapes by block moulding Download download
Icon Explanation
close Suitable for this application/way of processing
circle Tolerable performance for this application
add Good performance for this application
addadd Very good performance for this application