Bucket & bins

Multipurpose buckets, paint buckets and wastebins

Durable, high impact buckets, pails and bins for every purpose

Our rugged quality buckets and bins are made for daily use. They are durable, withstand blows and shocks, keep their shape and are made for heavy loads.

The pails are available in different sizes and models and can be used for almost anything. The Duett pail is popular with painters and floor layers.

Other colours are available on request.

We always work to keep raw materials in the loop for as long as possible, to reduce the total use of raw materials. Our HDPE solutions can be reused over and over again. HDPE is recyclable – tests show that it can be recycled and reused ten times or more without any significant deterioration.




Other colours on request

High impact

Impact resistant and durable

Made to last

Durable, made for daily use


Available in numerous sizes and models

Variations - Bucket & bins

Universal pail 23 L 2217 Multipurpose bucket. High impact.
Paint bucket 12 L 2157 Paint bucket in rugged quality.
Pail 10 L 2164 Multipurpose bucket. High impact. Rugged quality.
Duett pail 2223 Multipurpose bucket with two chambers. Often used by painter and floor layers.
Wall wastebin 2290 Wastebin for wall. 3 drain holes in the bottom.


Art. no. Product name Stock/Request Ext. dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Pcs. per pallet
2217Universal pail 23 lRequest54 x 27.5 x 24.51.31 kg100
2157Paint bucket 12 lStock41 x 23.5 x 270.75 kg100
2164Pail 10 lRequest-0.63 kg150
2163Lid for 2164Requestnd 28.3-1600
2223Duett pailRequest41,5 x 31 x 301.52 kg40
2290Wall wastebinStock54 x 27.5 x 24.51.44 kg80

Other colours on request.

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