RE Box

Reuseable, easy to clean, stackable boxes

Designed to be reused, with rounded corners for easy cleaning.

The RE Boxes have a high load-bearing capacity and impact strength. They keep their shape when fully loaded. It’s a safe, reliable and efficient packaging and transport solution for the fishing industry and other sectors with equally tough requirements.

The boxes are stackable for fast, compact packing and easy storage and transport.

The RE Box is designed to be reused in a closed-loop where dirty boxes are pressure washed at 92°C to remove all dirt, grime and labels. The boxes are then spin-dried, re-stacked and ready to be delivered back to the customer.

We always work to keep raw materials in the loop for as long as possible, to reduce the total use of raw materials. Our HDPE boxes can be reused over and over again. HDPE is recyclable – tests show that it can be recycled and reused ten times or more without any significant deterioration.





For reusage in a closed-loop incl washing


For easy storage and transport


With the reverse stacking feature


All boxes are food approved

Variations - BEWI RE Box

BEWI RE Box 30.5 L 7120 Good washability and compact stackability. With RFID tags.


Art. no. Product name Stock/Request Ext. dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Pcs. per pallet
7120BEWI RE Box 30.5 lRequest60 x 40 x 18.11.52 kg228

All boxes are food approved. Other colours on request.

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