BEWI has been developing new products in EPS for the construction industry since 1980. We develop products for foundations, walls and roofs. See our solutions
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We supply a wide range of products and solutions for insulation in housing construction and civil engineering

Insulation for all needs

Our cellular plastic is used for everything from draining basement walls and casting a base plate to insulating walls, floors, foundations, ceilings and much more.


Withstands moisture, does not mold, insulates against cold and wind with a high compressive strength. EPS emits no fiber or harmful substances and is 100% recyclable.


Our XPS is often used as basic insulation for floors with high demands on compressive strength and low moisture absorption, as well as in earthworks for frost insulation.


PIR insulation combines excellent thermal insulation ability with high compressive strength, good dimensional stability and low weight. Optimal for ceiling, wall and floor constructions.
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