Together Visab and BEWI close the loop

Visab, a white goods service and installer company in Ängelholm, Sweden, have developed a new way of working together with BEWI, who collect their used EPS and recycle it. Watch the video
VISAB and BEWI recycle together

A new sustainable way of working

“We could have 8 to 10 containers crammed with EPS, now we compress it and end up with just EU pallets.” Peter Lundström, Visab.

Where there's white goods, there's EPS

Visab White Goods in Ängelholm, Sweden deliver and install white goods in newly built apartments. Every washing machine, tumble dryer, stove, fridge, freezer etc is transported in protective EPS.

– We can deliver more than 200 units a day to a construction site. That meant a lot of leftover protective packaging and the plastic often ended up in a container marked “To be incinerated”, says Peter Lundström, CEO, Visab.

The problem is familiar to BEWI. Only circa 20% of all EPS is recycled in Sweden. Most are incinerated, which really is a waste. EPS is 100% recyclable. So BEWI works towards a circular economy, collect used EPS, recycles and reuse it as raw material for new EPS.

From 8 to 10 containers to two pallets

Visab and BEWI have developed a new way of working together.

– We remove the EPS packaging from the white goods in our warehouse and dress them in protective covers before transport. That makes it simple to sort and collect the EPS. A major benefit is that the amount of waste shrinks. We used to have 8 to 10 containers crammed with EPS, now we compress and end up with just two EU pallets. It means fewer transports and more space. When there’s enough material, we contact BEWI. They collect the pallets and recycle the EPS. It’s a completely closed-loop, says Peter Lundström.



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