Together for a better future

To us sustainability means to care about the future. That is something we do together with our customers and partners.

Great things can happen when good people work side by side.

We are a partner of the international Clean Sweep initiative. Its purpose it to combat the release of plastic granulate from manufacturing into the environment. We are obligated to avoid spills of plastic granulate, organize the collection of plastic granulate in surface water and train our employees in how to prevent plastic residue and render it harmless.

In Norway BEWiSynbra are members of the Grønt Punkt Norge, that collects and recycles packaging, and Hold Norge Rent, which works for a cleaner Norway without any littering. Together with the other EPS-producers in Norway we have created a framework for an industry-wide Good Manufacturing Practice for both packaging and insulation in order to avoid unnecessary emissions.

BEWiSynbra is part of PSLoop, the PolyStyreneLoop project, that will introduce a recycling scheme that uses PS foams as raw material for new foams.

BEWiSynbra is also environmental and quality certified in ISO 14001, §which maps out a framework for an effective environmental management system.

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