Sustainability in a outdoor hot tub

Idalund Design's hot tubs are supported by BEWI EPS
Idalund Design and BEWI

Relaxing with 100% recyclable EPS

Idalund Design’s focus on sustainability and energy efficiency brought them in contact with BEWI

Building a better hot tub

Per Nielsen and Laila Nilsson went to a party at a friend’s house on New Year’s Eve 2007. The freezing cold didn’t matter, as the friend had an outdoor hot tub. Then and there Per and Laila decided to get a hot tub of their own. They were deeply disappointed. Their tub leaked and took hours to warm. Maybe we could build a better one ourselves, Per and Laila thought. Today they work seven days a week at their own business in Sakskøbing. Idalund Design is the only supplier of outdoor hot tubs built in Denmark – outdoor hot tubs that literally are supported by BEWI.

100% recyclable EPS for a sustainable business

Idalund Design is a sustainable business, that works mainly with recycled materials. Their focus on sustainability and energy efficiency brought them in contact with BEWI. Together Idalund and BEWI have developed built-in, form-fitted EPS modules that support the tub and insulate it against cold from the ground. EPS is 98% air, so the modules add next to nothing to the total weight and don’t affect transport costs.

The corona effect

The coronavirus made people stay at home, which affected Idalund Design. Many homeowners dream of relaxing in an outdoor hot tub in the garden and Idalund is busier than ever.

BEWI supplies Idalund with EPS insulation and since EPS is 100% recyclable it can be reused over and over again.

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