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When you live in a part of the world where it’s freezing six months of the year, you don’t design just another seat. You create a self-heating seat in EPP that keeps spectators warm in ice hockey arenas and other cold venues. Watch the video

Thermo Seat made with EPP

– First we tried using electrical heatcells to warm the seats but it was too complicated. The Arena Thermo Seat is smarter and more efficient. It uses the spectator’s body heat to warm both the seat and the backrest, says Patrik Johnsson, CEO of Sit Down in Västerås, Sweden.

The Thermo Seats are made with EPP from BEWI. EPP has excellent insulating qualities that keep spectators warm during the whole game. It’s also sturdy (it can take a goal celebration), durable (for years and years of celebrations) and comfortable to sit on even when a game goes into overtime.

The more warm and comfortable spectators, the better atmosphere

EPP isn’t expensive, which makes it possible to install hundreds, even thousands of Thermo Seats in a venue. The more warm and comfortable spectators, the better atmosphere.

The Arena Thermo Seat is made for tennis and ice hockey arenas and football stadiums (anyone watching football in Sweden in early spring and autumn knows how bitterly cold in can be). You can find it in Kiruna, north of the Polar Circle, where 595 seats were installed at minus 13 degrees Celsius. The seat meets FIFA’s material and safety requirements – wherever there are games in the cold, there should be Thermo Seats with EPP from BEWI.

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