EcoFill in Belgium

Earlier this year BEWiSynbra announced the acquisition of the Belgian recycling company EcoFill.

EcoFill is the leading EPS-collector in Belgium and has more than 15 years of experience in the circular economy.

EcoFill collects and compacts approximately 1,800 tons of EPS for recycling every year. The also collect more than 2,500 tons of cardboard and 400 tons of plastic film per year. And provide solutions tailored to the customers needs.

For example, place a compactor at companies with large amount of EPS waste to help them compact it locally. This reduces the need for storage capacity and makes transportation and handling easier. – Better for the customers and great for the environment.

This makes EcoFill a perfect fit for BEWiSynbra and the Use-ReUse initiative, which works in the same way. To collect, compact and recycle EPS material, so it can be used to produce new EPS-products.

“EcoFill is pleased to become part of the Use – ReUse initiative. The collaboration will allow us to grow and further develop our business in our home country Belgium, and throughout Europe. I am proud to contribute to improving the EPS value chain, both by reusing valuable raw material as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions and waste in our economy”, says Koen van Roy, Managing Director of EcoFill.

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