Cycling for the poorest in Europe

The bicycle event Cycle4Europe was cancelled this year due to the corona pandemic. But the arranger BEWI came up with a back-up plan and started a slightly different kind of bicycle event to raise money for some of the poorest people in Europe. The response was overwhelming.

Cycle4Europe was arranged for the first time in September 2019 by BEWI and Loza Foundation. Together they raised 600,000 SEK.

– The money has helped Loza Foundation pay for children’s shoes, warm winter clothes and education. The funds have also helped to improve the living conditions and situation for disabled people in North Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and Loza Foundation are now planning to start projects in Kosovo, says Sabina Grubbeson, founder of Loza Foundation.

Cycle4Europe 2020 was planned to start in Varberg, Sweden, on May 17 and cross the finish line in Trondheim, Norway, six days later. But it was cancelled due to Covid-19.

– We wanted to do something for Loza Foundation anyway. At BEWI we care for each other and other people, so we started an internal Cycle4Europe, says Christian Larsson, Team BEWI.

BEWI has offices and plants in several European countries and on June 25th, nearly a hundred of their employees cycled to benefit the Loza Foundation. They hit the roads in the Netherlands, Portugal, Norway and Sweden.

– The response was heart-warming. We will give a donation to Loza Foundation for every person and every kilometer they cycled. The more participants and the longer they rode, the more we’ll give. Some walked or ran and we’ll give a contribution for them too, says Christian Larsson.

Loza Foundation works for the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of Europe. The foundation was founded in 2017 in Sweden. In collaboration with the local population it works within institutions for people with mental health issues and physical disabilities, at orphanages and other operations for particularly vulnerable women and children.

– In hidden parts of the poorest countries of Europe people live in abject conditions. Disabled and sick are shunnes and maltreated. We’re working to change that, says Sabina Grubbeson.

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Christian Larsson


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Sabina Grubbeson

Loza Foundation Insamlingsstiftelse

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