Architecture and product innovation meet snowboard culture

Val Thorens sports center gets a spectacular new facelift for its 50th anniversary, thanks to an exceptional architectural design and innovative Jackodur® inverted roof insulation.
Thermal insulation and construction

Jackodur® XPS insulation

The Val Thorens sports center, nestled in the heart of the French ski resort, has long been renowned for offering incredible ski experiences. Just in time for its 50th anniversary, the center unveiled new and remarkable features, including an exceptional architectural design. This transformation features an inverted roof integrated with the ski slope, thanks to the innovative Jackodur® inverted roof insulation.


Sitting at 2300 meters above sea level, Val Thorens proudly holds the title of the highest ski resort in all of Europe. This location is especially popular by the young and the young at heart snowboarders. In addition to its breathtaking natural setting, the sports center has impressed visitors with its extensive offerings, modern facilities, and architectural accents.

New construction with a special character

The recently renovated sports center “Le Board” truly lives up to its name. Its design draws inspiration from the contours of a snowboard, blending seamlessly with the Alpine landscape. Covering 17,000 square meters, this sports complex offers a variety of training facilities, a swimming pool, and a luxurious wellness center. Yet, it’s the roof of “Le Board” that steals the spotlight, providing a sweeping view of the entire ski resort.

Challenging conditions and innovating solutions

The unique shape of this multifunctional building posed a challenge, leading the designers to select an inverted roof structure using Jackodur® XPS insulation boards. Jackodur® XPS boards are typically used for flat roofs. However, the roof of “Le Board” needed a roof gradient to enable skiing, requiring pioneering solutions that Jackodur products tackled with precision.

The inverted roof had to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including heavy snow loads, moisture, and freezing temperatures, all while delivering optimal insulation and sealing performance throughout the building’s lifespan. An added complication was timing. The limited construction period, spanning only four months each year, demanded efficient installation and a minimum of disruptions to regular operations.

Lightweight, efficient and time-saving

The construction site manager of the construction firm responsible for the project, expressed enthusiasm for the ease of installing Jackodur® boards. “The low weight and single-layer installation makes the boards easy to handle. The rapid installation enabled us to meet all deadlines”

One of the primary advantages of Jackodur® in this project, is its exceptional compressive strength, enabling the fulfillment of all the requirements associated with using an inverted roof for sports. The material also features good dimensional stability, resistance to moisture and rot, and impressive durability.

On-time completion for the anniversary

Thanks to efficient installation, “Le Board” was completed on time for the 50th anniversary celebration. Vincent Lalanne-Cloute, the manager of the tourist office, couldn’t be happier, stating, “With extraordinary architecture that celebrates the unique snowboard culture of our destination, Val Thorens now boasts another unmistakable attraction. Consistently positive feedback from our guests confirms this, and now we eagerly anticipate the next 50 years.”