Join us in leading the change towards a circular economy.
Working at BEWI

BEWI is home to people dedicated to pioneer sustainability in our industry

We’re an entrepreneurial company and we prefer to empower you to make decisions, rather than build hierarchies and bureaucracy that slow us down.

The customer is always our main focus and our shared passion to pursue our vision means that we work hard. But we make sure to have fun while we do it, and never compromise on the safety and well-being of our people.



Our Vision

To protect people and goods for a better everyday

Let's evolve

BEWI started out as a family company on the island of Frøya off the Norwegian coast in 1980. We still are a family company, and our entrepreneurial culture has remained intact. That means that we invest in our people by offering learning opportunities and training. We also firmly believe in internal promotions, which is supported by our Talent Review Process.

We want to grow together with you. And we will support you every step of the way.

Our mission

To create value by offering sustainable packaging, component and insulation solutions in innovative and efficient ways

BEWI Business School

BEWI Business School is our internal academy and training platform to create learning opportunities for our employees within our businesses. Our ambition is to increase the offering of programs and courses over the years to come. This will be a mix of traditional classroom trainings, digital courses via Teams, Zoom and other platforms in combinations with eLearnings.

Our Values

Our values are the cornerstone of our strong BEWI culture

Our four strong values underpin all our work. They fully integrate the specific key behaviours and capabilities identified and fostered by the BEWI organisation to support its group strategy.









Open positions

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We are BEWI

Life at BEWI

Pierre, Operations Manager

”BEWI is a family business, and it shows. Here you get the possibility to grow, and the entrepreneurial spirit is shared by everyone who works here. At BEWI, you will have great opportunities to show who you are, and you will get a lot of freedom.”

Sandra Carvalho, Sales department

”On a personal level, it is important for me to work in a company that allows me to progress, that gives me new opportunities and shares the same values as me. BEWI is a company with great teamwork. We help and take care of each other, like a family, making everything easier and more enjoyable.”

Henrik, Structural Designer

“It’s important for me to work in a company with a good atmosphere where we can speak freely, we can be who we are and we can help each other and trust each other. All of this is possible at BEWI.” Meet Henrik Boe Dam, Structural Designer who has been working with BEWI for 15 years.”

Finn, Technical Engineer

“Time has gone by quickly. It’s now been 34 years since I first placed my feet inside this factory. The good thing about working at BEWI is meeting new co-workers and being a part of training new colleagues. New colleagues using their training constructively in their daily work makes me happy. It’s this ”I can-attitude” that makes BEWI a unique place to work.” Meet Finn Pedersen, Technical Engineer, who has been working at BEWI for over 30 years. Want to be a part of our team? Visit our career pages to see open positions.

Bert, Foreman

“At BEWI I get the chance to work in a culture that enables growth. Employees are encouraged to take initiative, and you take personal responsibility to get the job done, that is the mentality here. The way I see it, BEWI offers the perfect combination of technology, freedom, challenge, and a healthy balance in daily life.“ Meet Bert Beekhuizen, foreman at the technical service department at Synprodo. Want to be a part of our team? Visit our career pages to see open positions.